I was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, and am now in my 4th year at Cal Poly studying computer science. I was studying Biochemistry my 2.5 years, so if o-chem excites you then we should be good friends. I got into coding by doing chemistry research at Cal Poly actually – we were using jupyter notebooks to make sense of our enzyme data, and I got hooked and changed my major the next quarter.

I love to be outdoors, try new things, and goof around with people. I’m kind of an exercise junkie (my favorites are running, swimming, and crossfit-y stuff) and have been surfing most of my life. I’ve also been an ocean lifeguard for 5 years around the leo carrillo area if you’re familiar with it, and have worked at oceano dunes a little.

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I’m really passionate about addressing climate change, I think it’s the most important issue of our time and I see it as an amazing opportunity for our generation to come together and do something important and long-lasting. Addressing climate change is at the heart of iFixit’s mission, and that’s one of the main reasons I’m here.

And I love to build things! Growing up I made and repaired surfboards, hand-planes, skateboards, home improvement projects, RC cars, and who didn’t enjoy a good lego kit. Life gets busy as we get older, but I try to fan the flame of that childhood creativity and imagination when I get the chance.

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