So. Uh. My name’s Rosa.

I love to perform/read teardowns, and taught myself my own approach to fixing things: hardware check, software check, then repeat as many times as neccesary.

I seem to live on all points of the technology world, using both Windows and macOS, as well as iOS and Android. Rarely will I ever touch a Chromebook or Linux machine, for I haven’t gotten to that level of tech-headed-ness yet.

Currently I use a Lenovo X380 Yoga, which straddles the fine line between trash and treasure. Sure, its fast and modern, but it’s very finnicky, and runs out of battery faster than the words “Battery Saver”.

I like to play racing games, and so far, I seem to have achieved nothing but sheer stupidity. For example:

Block Image

I write stories too, and I’m working on one right now. Feel free to email me if you want to see a snippet. Do be warned, I’ve never written in the perspective its from before, so it might be below your expectations.

Feel free to ask me anything, although I can’t guarantee it’ll be answered, since I’m still learning myself! But before you ask, try restarting! Seriously, it could potentially solve your problem on your own! Feel free to email me at, and don’t hesitate to ask about any any tech problems, no matter how stupid they are!

Happy fixing,

Rosa Avrigari

here have a cool 180SX wallpaper in lieu of upcoming details

Block Image

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