Handy man of many hats!

I've had experience and work on my own Yamaha vstar 1100 classic motorcycle, all lawn mowers and MTD riders, even though I have experience with the"others."

Some farm equipment such as Allis, Gleaner, Massey, Fendt and Agco tractor parts.

Here is a truffle for you when you need to look for these parts.

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I don't like paying a mechanic unless I have to because why pay when you can benefit from learning like my father and Grandfather did.

I used to work in a small engine repair shop with my parents when I was a youngling and my first engine was a BS 9hp, 1962 that had been through a flood, rebuilt it as a class project and the engine finally died in 2010 on my dad's snapper riding mower.

I also work on my own ford truck. I have a service manual for a 1993-2001 Ford F-150.

If you need a page, or a section or need a copy, drop me a note at and I'll set it up for ya.



  • crwdns2890332:0What is the nominal for R1 resistor?crwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Why is one of my handles pushed more forward than the other?crwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0need help with stator do I need a voltage regulator or Diodecrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Engine won't start after camshaft replacementcrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0need manual for model DP42841crwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Need a solenoid and starter for 1991 JC Penny Riding Lawn Mowercrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Why doesn’t my done fly, it just turns on?crwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0Why is my ABS locking upcrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0GAS & brake pedal moves side to sidecrwdne2890332:0
  • crwdns2890332:0I cant get on the internet--computer not detecting my wificrwdne2890332:0