I started tearing down electronic things (when I was a teenager in the early 80's) just to see what was inside and then put them back together, hoping they would work again. After that my parents bought an Apple IIe in late 1983 or early 1984. I then started playing with code and writing software from a book my parents bought me. From that point on I was addicted. In high school (junior and senior years) I took a computer course with Apple IIc's and took what I had learned and what the instructor taught me and exceled in her class. I furthered my education during my junior and senior year taking a electricity/electronics vocational class which during my senior year was all electronics instead of electricity. After graduation, I then went to a 2 year technical college for Electronics Engineering (90-92). I never worked professionally for any company, but from that point on I've worked on many computers, mainly pc's. Since 2003, I have opened my own Computer repair shop where to this day I still work with PC's and Macs (more with PC's than with Mac's).


Located in Perryville, Missouri (Hometown, moved back here 2½ years ago.)