Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown


  1. Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown, Remove back cover: crwdns2935265:01crwdnd2935265:01crwdnd2935265:02crwdne2935265:0 Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown, Remove back cover: crwdns2935265:01crwdnd2935265:02crwdnd2935265:02crwdne2935265:0
    • Remove the back cover

    • Remove the battery and the sim card

  2. Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown: crwdns2935265:02crwdnd2935265:01crwdnd2935265:03crwdne2935265:0 Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown: crwdns2935265:02crwdnd2935265:02crwdnd2935265:03crwdne2935265:0 Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown: crwdns2935265:02crwdnd2935265:03crwdnd2935265:03crwdne2935265:0
    • Remove the 8 Torx T5 screws

    • Insert a guitar pick between the frame of the phone

    • You have to pry until the frame separates

  3. Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown, Motherboard: crwdns2935265:03crwdnd2935265:01crwdnd2935265:03crwdne2935265:0 Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown, Motherboard: crwdns2935265:03crwdnd2935265:02crwdnd2935265:03crwdne2935265:0 Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown, Motherboard: crwdns2935265:03crwdnd2935265:03crwdnd2935265:03crwdne2935265:0
    • Pry on the right side to remove the Motherboard

    • Do not remove it from the whole as it is still connected to the screen

    • remove the cable by pushing it down

  4. Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown, screen: crwdns2935265:04crwdnd2935265:01crwdnd2935265:03crwdne2935265:0 Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown, screen: crwdns2935265:04crwdnd2935265:02crwdnd2935265:03crwdne2935265:0 Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown, screen: crwdns2935265:04crwdnd2935265:03crwdnd2935265:03crwdne2935265:0
    • to remove the screen we will have to push it from the inside out

    • since we push it, a space will be created between the screen and the frame, there we will put a guitar pick

    • the next thing is to move the pua around the frame to separate the screen

  5. Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown, Ready: crwdns2935265:05crwdnd2935265:01crwdnd2935265:02crwdne2935265:0 Nokia Lumia 505 Teardown, Ready: crwdns2935265:05crwdnd2935265:02crwdnd2935265:02crwdne2935265:0
    • Ready



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