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A life saver

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MacBook Pro 17" Models A1151 A1212 A1229 and A1261

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MacBook Pro 17" Models A1151 A1212 A1229 and A1261 Left I/O Board Replacement



While in Japan my Mac suddenly stopped working. I noticed that my Magsafe light wasn't indicating any charged nor charging light was on checked my battery since I had previous problems with batteries and noticed it was pretty much dead low, however it was functional and in good shape. Puzzled I go to of my co-workers who has another Magsafe charger and plugged it in, nothing.

At that point I checked the Magsafe and notice some damage and came in conclusion it was that it had to be replaced. A quick visit to showed me the part as the left I/O board.

Tokyo has some nice stores but after 2-3 hours searching Akihabara (electronic city) no one had anything. I ordered the part from and only used my iPad and Samsung Infuse as my connections to the world.

A day after my arrival from Tokyo to Texas the part arrives and the fun begins.


I've replaced my Hard drives before so opening up my Mac was easy and despite that the manual itself said difficult, as long as you're AWARE of the many cables and wires you pull out from the board, it was quite easy. When I took the I/O board I immediately knew I made the right call, the mag safe was smashed and really damaged. Repairs took only 40-45 minutes tops.

When done I plug my Mac and SUCCESS!! I get light and charging left it overnight turned it on and checked that the audio and the ports that I/O board has were working properly. They did. It was well worth the wait and effort.


Make sure you plug in ALL cables and wires back to the boards. It be a pain to have to open up again and find where you left something out

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MacBook Pro 17" (Model A1261) Left I/O Board


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