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iphone cracked front screen

linv2000 -

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Mute Button Replacement

iPhone 3G Mute Button Replacement



the could not use the touch screen.


The repair took some time but the step by step instructions are great on The parts where exact and high quality.


If you need to repair or replace your iPhone battery or front glass, some pointers. The front glass is relatively simply, but the battery is a little harder. But ifixit online step by step you can get thru it. Word of advice, do not buy iPhone parts from ebay or amazon, buy from here. At Ifixit you know your getting high quality items, my touch screen works like original. Also the parts are very small, so if the part being off by just a little will be hard to put back together.

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iPhone 3G and 3GS Volume Button


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iPhone 3G and 3GS Power Button


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iPhone 3GS Battery


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