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Coffeeshop Phone Surgery

Kenna Warsinske -

Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung Galaxy S4 USB Board Replacement




The charging port was going bad and throwing errors. You can see from the photo that I'd already replaced the battery trying to troubleshoot my problem.


I decided to do the repair while hanging out at a coffee shop since I wasn't applying glue or other weird toxic stuff. The tables wipe down very clean, so I didn't have any worries about getting gross stuff in my phone. Much cleaner than my own desk.

The repair was fast and simple once I got the case fully open. Weirdly, the middle bit of the case (left) was the hardest part to get off. I used a screw grabber (the yellow thing), needle nose tweezers, a spudger, and a mini screwdriver. Your part arrived in perfect condition and fit perfectly with no fussing. The two wires connected to the charging assembly took a little extra pressure to pop back into place and they weren't mentioned in your tutorial, but other than that, your tutorial was helpful and accurate.


Needle nose tweezers were helpful for holding certain screws when I was putting it all back together. Also a spudger is a MUST these days. I used to be able to get away with a fingernail and a credit card, but not anymore. Very lucky I had one hanging around.

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Galaxy S4 (Verizon) Charging Assembly


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