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S4 Success

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Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 USB Board Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S4 USB Board Replacement

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Sprint S4 charging port went bad.


The repair was relatively straight forward. The Pro Tech tool kit was a necessity; I'm glad I bought it. Be careful during reassembly. I did not reroute the antenna cable precisely, and as a result the speaker did not make proper contact with the new board. After I put it in the proper guide, everything worked flawlessly. The whole repair took less than an hour.

My only complaint was with the charging port I ordered from here: it is not for a Sprint S4. The board is shaped differently. Luckily, I had another S4 laying around that I could use for my part. Returning the part seems like a pain in the butt, since it was only $13.

The guide is spot on. I also used this site for a laptop repair that went smoothly. Great resource. Thanks.


Take your time. Organize your screws in the order you remove them. Purchase whatever tools they recommend for the repair; they made the job easier.

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Pro Tech Toolkit


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Galaxy S4 (Sprint) Charging Assembly


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