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iMac 21.5 inch Late 2009 Seagate HD replacement

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When Apple recalled my late 2009 iMac because of hard drive issues, I was busy / procrastinating / lazy / traveling / etc. The computer still worked, and while everything I had was backed-up and in the cloud, I couldn't upgrade to Yosemite because it recognized the serial number of a recalled HD and refused to play along. This prompted me to examine my options before paying someone to replace the HD. I came across IFIXIT online and was very impressed with the information provided, how remarkably easy it was to use the website, the prices, and the philosophy of "at least try to fix it".


The repair was a definite success. The directions and online help were invaluable. The only technical issue I had involved the iMac HD cooling fan, which was warned about in the instructions. After installing the new drive and closing the computer back up, I had to open it again to undo the instruction for 'reversing the HD temp sensor connector'. Using some forum recommended software, I discovered that the particular new HD I installed (a Seagate 1TB SSD Hybrid) would work with the original connector in its original orientation, with no changes needed. I suspect that with manufacturing and design changing so rapidly, work-arounds in repair procedures that are needed one day are unnecessary at some point in the future. In any event, it provided another learning experience!


Well done with your website. You have finally given me justification for refusing to recycle all those older Apple computers (I think my wife will thank you).

1) When putting everything back together I dropped the last screw into the computer innards because one of the magnets that hold the faceplate on whipped it off the screwdriver. I had to take everything apart again, but I refused to leave it loose in there. Even using needle-nose pliers to hold the screws was difficult for me because of the strength of the magnets. If there are real-world hints for solving this it would be good to know.

2) Having parts and suggested tools available and combined with the repair instructions is very much appreciated. It is truly one-stop shopping for both knowledge and function.

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1 TB SSD Hybrid 3.5" Hard Drive


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PC3-8500 4 GB RAM Chip




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Heavy-Duty Suction Cups (Pair)


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