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Liberating my Macbook Pro from the Internal Woes

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How to Apply Thermal Paste

How to Apply Thermal Paste

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A few weeks ago my Macbook Pro started malfunctioning and gave me a blank white screen with a flashing folder and a question mark. I was unsure what this was and after some online research I figured it may be my hard drive. I installed a new hard drive but my Mac wouldn’t see it after going into restore mode. Unsure why this was, I kept poking around online and found an article on the ifixit community boards. Now my second evaluation, I figured it may be the SATA cable and ordered one from ifixit. Sure enough my Mac booted as normal and I was able to keep using my hard drive.

Less than a week later after pulling off my bottom cover to repair the rubber feet and placing it back on. I flipped my notebook over to power up and nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. There was my powerless notebook staring at me. I strapped in my charger and the light on the charger connector started to flicker with a dim green light and going orange. After a long sigh, I researched some more. You have to ask questions, make phone calls, talk to friends and stay determined in getting answers.

Because of the financial challenges I’ve been facing, I had to make the less-costly decisions fast. I didn’t want to spend too much money in repairing my notebook and being without warranty can be costly when going to Apple. So, never allow yourself to feel intimidated by repairing your own devices. It can seem daunting but with the ifixit manuals online, you can do it yourself. There isn’t anything that anyone else can do that you cannot do yourself when utilizing ifixit’s online repair manuals. You can read them online, save them, print them and tape them across your wall in step-by-step order.


After more research I ordered a DC in-board and a new battery, then I crossed my fingers. I was under pressure for some deadlines and needed my stuff by the next day. There was an issue with UPS delivery but Christopher Fernandes of ifixit stepped in to help me out. And what a great help that was.

After installation, I powered up my Macbook Pro but got the same result of the dim green blinking light in the charger. Deep breath here. I finally decided I was going to need to replace the logic board. After figuring out which one I was going to need by checking the serial number on the board, ifixit was out of stock. Fortunately, after emailing ifixit, Matt Zieminski got in touch with me to let me know there were some in stock, but were being processed to get on the site for sale.

After being notified via email through the ifixit “notify-me” feature, I made the purchase and was a tad concerned as to how I would replace the logic board and hoping not to damage anything during the procedure. With ifixit’s online instructions, the right tools, common sense and lots of patience, I was able to successfully replace my logic board. I’m not a professional, but when you believe in yourself in spite of your limitations, you can make the most challenging tasks result in success.

Once the repair was completed, I hit the power button and my Macbook Pro fired up like a champ! During this entire process I was touching base with Matt who was amazing in his replies and very encouraging.

Going into the second week after the repair I noticed some odd behavior with the battery I had previously ordered from ifixit and contacted Matt about it. After some trouble-shooting it was determined a replacement would be necessary. Matt emailed me the following day to let me know a replacement battery was going to be sent out with a return shipping label for my convenience.

This is the beauty of buying from ifixit and having the support and professionalism you may not get elsewhere. I’ve dealt with many online vendors that do not offer hassle-free solutions and it can become a nightmare and your time and money are both lost. With ifixit, you can rest assured that your time and purchases are just as important to them as they are to you.


Time and again, I was blown away by the amazing customer service, the attention to my inquiries, and the empowered feeling of really sensing that I too was part of the ifixit team. With the success of the repair, it was great to be in touch with someone who was down to earth yet very knowledgeable about the process. The sense of empowerment is priceless and this is what ifixit does best; empowering others to stay in control of their devices through knowledge and independence. So remember, stay patient, stay the course, and above all, stay in control. You can do it yourself and feel amazingly satisfied with your own work. Truly, repair is noble.

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MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2010) 2.4 GHz Logic Board


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Arctic Silver Thermal Paste


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