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The world sounds better according to my son!

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iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Volume Button Replacement

iPhone 3G Volume Button Replacement



The volume button on my son's iPhone 3GS, being used as an iPod Touch, fell off. Being a 4 yrs old boy, he could only comprehend so much about how to change the volume on his apps.


Using the smartphone repair kit from iFixit and the manual on the website and through the app, the repair went smoothly and easily.The kit had everything I needed to perform the operation, except a bit of glue for the case reassembly. The step-by-step instructions with pictures and diagrams helped a great deal. The process took about an hour to take apart and put back together because I had help from the 4 yrs old. He learned why not to touch super glue and hold his fingers together. (momma used solvent before it fully set) I would have taken a picture, but he ran off with the device to show the rest of the family that he could change the volume all by himself now.


Keep the younger kids away from the project.

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iPhone 3G and 3GS Volume Button


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