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iMac Intel 24" EMC-2267- lessons learned

bdmccaig -


Absolutely no life at all. No lights, no bong, no sounds. Customer insisted it was working the day before and just quit. Screen black and iMac completely dead.


Preliminary diagnosis was the Power Supply which was proved correct by quick test with a Power Supply from another iMac.

Ordered new part which arrived within 3 days...fantastic! Re-assemby took 20 minutes. Testing and back to customer within same day.


When new Power Supply arrived it at first did not work very well...faint screen...and resembled the PS from a slightly different iMac instead of the 2267. Quick call to IFIXIT, who verified the correctness of the shipment but agreed to ship another one just in case. Re-tried the 1st Power Supply after resetting the PMU (option-command-P-R, Power) four times, which cleared up the screen issues. Quickly called IFIXIT and they were able to cancel the second PS. Moral: always check the PMU by reseting it before calling a failure.

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