iFixit Gift Guide: Our Best Cyber Monday Bundle Deals

Hands tie a blue bow around a white box with a kraft paper tag. Evergreen branches are in the background.

This year we’ve found a whole lot to fix—we’re facing a tangled web of supply shortages and shipping delays. It’s a little daunting, to be sure, but the best step is one in the right direction. What can build a better, more connected, less wasteful world?

Giving tools is the perfect first step. No matter if you’re shopping for the pro who has everything, or someone who hasn’t gotten the repair bug yet, we’ve got a bundle for that. But how do you choose? We’ve broken down our four new bundles into the questions you want answered: who is this for, what can it do, and why buy it?

Skim the bundles, or skip to the end for the TL;DR comparison; we’ll start the tour, you grab your gift list and take your time.

Moray Starter Bundle—Sold out!

If you missed out, try snagging a Moray driver kit on its own, or upgrade to our popular Pro Tech and Magnetic Mat bundle!

The contents of a Moray Starter Bundle including tote, notebook, Moray driver kit, opening tools, magnetic mat, and sticker, along with greenery, ornaments, and jingle bells.

For the newbies who don’t know where to start

The perfect gift for future fixers and families who want to fix more and buy less, the Moray Starter Bundle is specifically tailored to be accessible without losing out on functionality. Who needs a Moray Starter Bundle?

  • The bored grandchild
  • The spouse with an overlong to-do list
  • The college-bound

For fixing what bugs you and getting started

32 bits that fit securely into a precision screwdriver handle, plastic opening tools, a magnetic mat to keep track of your repair, plus a tote and stickers—everything you need for:

  • Unsticking that annoying toaster lever
  • Disconnecting the speakers in your toddlers annoying toys
  • Replacing the batteries in the good toys

For new skills and making a difference

The Moray Starter Bundle is the best kind of Pandora’s box. It’s a new skill and a whole new world, all wrapped up in a single package. Why buy the Moray Starter kit?

  • Save money by repairing instead of retailing
  • Start a repair legacy
  • Get the gift that will last from stocking, to glove box, to first apartment, to first home.

Device Maintenance Bundle

The contents of the Device Maintenance bundle, including ESD wrist-strap, blower, thermal paste, brushes, opening tools, and iFixit Screen Saver screen cleaner, all surrounded by blue holiday lights.
This bundle is at the top of your computer’s wish list.

For pet owners, outdoorsy types, and you

There’s a saying in the repair world: if you don’t set aside time to maintain your machine, your machine will set it aside for you … by, you know, breaking. Maintenance isn’t flashy but it is important. Who needs a Maintenance Bundle?

  • Mountain bikers with dusty GoPros
  • Homebodies, even if they vacuum all the time
  • Anyone not living in a hermetically sealed environment

For dust, dirt, and keeping cool

Armed with the Device Maintenance’s  lint-free cloths and Screen Saver, your phone will keep snapping quality photos. Alcohol wipes, brushes, and a blower will keep grit, grime, and germs out. And chill your tech out with some new thermal paste. What else can you refresh?

  • Keep your computer from sounding like a jet engine during Zoom meetings
  • Prevent game console meltdowns
  • Get spring cleaning started early for everything else from smartphones to desktops

For getting ahead of things

The best time to start maintenance is when you buy the product, the second best time is now. Why drop thousands on a new device when you can grab a maintenance kit, spend a few minutes and get your current one acting like new? Need more reasons?

  • Maintenance is a kind of meditation
  • Call it spring cleaning come early
  • Got a long Honey-do list? This will help

iFixit Gear Bundle—Sold out!

You can snag most of these items individually if you want a sweet notebook, excellent prying tool, and a slick patch!

The contents of the iFixit Gear bundle, including tote, notebook, sticker, patch, pin, and Jimmy prying tool, surrounded by greenery and blue candy canes.
Get into gear with iFixit … swag!

For the fixer who has everything

They either have it all, or will get it for themselves before you get the chance—and yes they do have too many T-shirts. So what’s a fixer gifter to do? You can never go wrong with some gear. Who needs iFixit gear?

  • Grandpa has had a fully stocked shop since the 80s. 
  • Mom has never met a tool she hasn’t bought. 
  • Your teen has already has an Essential Electronics tool kit and a Pro Tech.

For spreading the word

Skip the tees and snacks, we’ve got the fun stuff. A lapel pin, patch, and stickers to deck your halls, a tote to hold that garage sale game console, plus a notebook for your late-night ideas. Oh and one tool they may not have yet: the Jimmy. Jimmy is a great way to get into stubborn tech, and even save a buck or two on storage.

For finding like-minded fixers

We’re not just iFixit. We’re a global community of fixers. If you’re shopping for a tool-happy, grease-under-the-fingernails type, they’re part of that community too. You’ve got this, now let’s get everyone else on board. Need more reasons?

  • Find friends by repping fixer pride.
  • Fund the mission to make repair guides free and publicly available. 
  • Pay the repair forward and help the world help itself

Manta Gaming Bundle

The contents of a Manta Gaming bundle including Manta driver kit, magnetic project mat, sticker, ESD wrist strap, and thermal paste kit, surrounded by greenery, ornaments, and jingle bells. There is a roll of kraft paper and blue ribbon on the right-hand side of the image.

For the gamer, and those looking to level up

This bundle is this year’s platinum level offering, and we won’t even make you buy a bunch of loot boxes to get it. This bundle is for:

  • The tinkerer looking to broaden their horizons
  • The technophile is headed off to college, 
  • The fixer ready to graduate from phones to cars

For souping up a console or building their very own rig

Our Manta Driver Kit—complete with both a beefy ¼” driver and precision 4 mm driver—is our biggest driver kit, and the centerpiece to this high octane bundle. With the widest selection of bits for smartphones to desktops and beyond, your gamer’s repairs are about to get way more open-world. The supporting DLC for this sturdy kit includes: a magnetic project mat to be your repair HUD, a Jimmy for stubborn tech, and thermal paste to keep things running smoothly. The pièce de résistance is a sweet sticker for your rebooted case—cool stickers make things go faster, it’s science.

For sticking it to the man-ufacturers

Chances are, if your fixer is looking to upgrade their armament, or your gamer is getting ready to crack open their tech, they know iFixit. But in case you don’t know the mission let the Manta Gaming kit be your guide: 

TL;DR How do iFixit Holiday Bundles compare?

Graphic describing the differences between the bundles. The Manta Gaming bundle has three units of driver kit, two units of accessories, two units of skill level, and three units of price. The Moray Starter bundle has one unit of driver kit, two units of accessories, one unit of skill level, and two units of price. The Device maintenance bundle has three units of accessories, two units of skill level, and two units of price. The iFixit Gear Bundle has two units of accessories, one unit of skill, and one unit of price.

If you’re not sold on these bundles, you can wait for free shipping to start Nov. 22 to be sure. Or we’ve also got our classic bundles, oodles of other tools, and some other deals coming your way!