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-[* black] After pulling out the T7 Torx screws, we gain access to Apple TV's biggest fan!
+[* black] After pulling out the [product|IF145-299|T7 Torx screws|new_window=true], we gain access to Apple TV's biggest fan!
[* black] It looks like Apple merged the new fan with the [guide|49046|heat sink/EMI shield|stepid=107485|new_window=true] assembly from the Apple TV 4th Generation—combining them to form one whopper of a cooling solution.
[* icon_note] This [|Voltron|new_window=true] of a thermal assembly suggests that 4K HDR capability comes with a significant increase in thermal output.
[* black] With the twist of a few more Torx screws, the assembly is ''disassembled''—revealing a replaceable fan driven by a [|Nidec brushless motor|new_window=true].
[* icon_note] A replaceable fan is good news for owners. Otherwise, we're guessing that a failed fan would quickly mean a failed device.
[* black] This new fan assembly is apparently secured by an [|identity disk|new_window=true]. TRON, is that you?