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[* black] Our teardown engineers take a familiar access route through the underside of the Apple TV 4K.
[* black] Just like with its [guide|49046|single-K sibling|stepid=107484|new_window=true], the Apple TV 4K features repair-friendly plastic clips that secure its bottom panel.
[* icon_note] These clips are a little more stubborn than what we've seen before—but still, they're not terribly difficult.
[* black] No moat of glue or uncommon screws? This upgraded unit gets a [|1 Up|new_window=true] as a reward.
[* black] Peeling back the rear panel reveals a beefy fan and some standard Torx screws.
[* icon_note] The change to a fan from the [guide|49046|combo heat sink/EMI shield|stepid=107485|new_window=true] in the last iteration suggests that 4K HDR capability comes with a significant increase in thermal output.