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[* black] Next we need to detach some ribbon cables and an antenna cable from the main circuit board.
[* red] Micro USB board. Also has the front notification LED and the main microphone.
[* yellow] Screen connector.
- [* violet] Volume rocker. Some have reported the cable is soldered to the mainboard. This was not the case on this CDMA version. It may be soldered in newer revisions or the GSM model.
+ [* violet] Volume rocker. Some phones have this soldered to the mainboard - not CDMA.
+ [* black] GSM/Soldered: One user was able leave the volume rocker alone, and instead focus on the power button. You can gently separate the power button from the case - held in place only by glue - without remove detaching it from the circuit board. You can then rotate the circuit board out of your way.
[* green] Antenna.
[* black] Gently detach with the plastic opening tool.