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-[* black] Gonna add a step before this one about cutting display adhesive (we missed a photo doing video, whoops)
-[* black] After being foiled at the front of the display we turn to the hinge mount
-[* black] Removing the hinge mount casing thing that's clipped on
-[* black] Antennas, springs, loads of screws
-[* black] Luckily we remove the right screws and not the exploding-springs-screws, and we're able to fairly painlessly remove the stand.
+[* black] We temporarily shift our attention to a more screw-y, less glue-y portion of this desktop, one that we will hopefully have more luck in removing: the hinge mount.
+[* black] The casing, attached by a few clips, comes off easily with just our hands.
+[* black] Underneath the casing lurks a tube full of antennas, springs, and loads of screws.
+ [* icon_note] The springs, 80 in total, are what form the mechanism that allows the monitor to transition from vertical to nearly-horizontal with just a light touch.
+[* black] Removing the final screws attached the stand to the display is like a game of Russian Roulette: some are spring-loaded while others are not. We test our odds, and manage to select all of the correct screws for removal, and detach the base.
+[* black] Hopefully this stroke of luck will guide us through the tricky display opening as well....