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-[* black] We didn't go to Teardown Engineer School for nothing; with some help from our notes from TD 451: Expert Finagling, we extract the two exhaust fans.
-[* black] In the pursuit of both glory and guts, we hastily remove the midframe thing with speaker.
-[* black] (Speaker has rubber gaskets like in iMacs. We may take pics of this later and drop em in here)
+[* black] With a bit more finagling, we extract the two brushless, Delta-made exhaust fans.
+ [* black] They're sized quite differently. Is there a dedicated fan for the CPU, and a second for the GPU? Because that would be ''cool''.
+[* black] With the speaker wire disconnected, the midframe finally falls away, with the speaker still attached.
+[* icon_note] Notably, the speaker itself is anchored and vibration-proofed by way of some ([guide|72415|very Apple-esque|stepid=144824|new_window=true]) rubber screw gaskets.
[* black] Finally, we have access to some guts—this Studio is chock-full of 'em. But we need to delve a little deeper to see if it has the glory.