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-[* black] Pulling the back cover off reveals a myriad of components...
- [* icon_note] ... that we can't actually remove. A pair of fans partially blocks the cowling ''and'' a speaker is screwed to the midframe but also cabled to the motherboard.
-[* icon_reminder] Awkward.
+[* black] Pulling the back cover off reveals a myriad of components ...
+ [* icon_note] ... most of which we can't actually access just yet.
+[* icon_caution] There's a strict and slightly perilous order of operations here. First out are two fans, but they remain anchored by wires with hidden leads. That midframe will have to come out before we can proceed further.
+[* black] As we lift away the midframe, it brings an attached speaker out with it, along with a ''third'' wire tether to the motherboard.
+[* black] It's a teardown, not a space walk! Cut us some slack here, ~~Houston~~ [|Redmond|new_window=true].