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[* black] Time for a peek inside. Looking for a point of entry, we tip the Studio onto its back and inspect the base.
[* black] A subtle strip of air vents borders the entire bottom panel. At each corner, we find a round rubber foot.
[* black] Happily, each foot conceals a (long) Torx screw—we know what to do with those.
-[* black] The heavy bottom cover doesn't pull away quite as easily as expected, so we apply a little [product|IF145-023|suction power|new_window=true].
-[* black] We're in! Almost.
+[* black] Screws jettisoned, the heavy bottom cover still holds on by way of several clips, so we apply a little [product|IF145-023|suction power|new_window=true] to help yank it free.
+[* black] With that, we're inside the ~~actors~~ Surface Studio.