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-[* black] Back shot with ports
-[* black] 30º ideal disney drawing angle, arms fold flat
-[* black] Speaker grilles along the bottom edge (lmk if these should be cropped in)
+[* black] The display is this PC's party piece, and we'll get to that shortly. First though, let's have a look at what kind of portage it's packing. From left to right:
+ [* black] Four USB 3.0 ports
+ [* black] Gigabit Ethernet jack
+ [* black] Power inlet
+ [* black] Mini DisplayPort
+ [* black] SD card slot
+ [* black] 3.5 mm audio jack
+[* black] At 21 lbs, it takes some effort to spin this thing around—but it lays all the way down to 20º with the push of a finger. Meanwhile, along the bottom edge of the display, we note a wide strip of speaker grille.