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[* black] Like its predecessors, the Droid 3's rear case is held in place by a few T5 Torx screws.
[* black] Motorola likes to hide screws and latches beneath the information label, making opening the phone a rather sticky affair.
[* black] Of course, these obstacles are of little challenge to our [product|IF145-002|spudgers], [product|IF145-022|54-piece bit driver kits], and talented fingers.
[* black] With the screws unscrewed, the clips unclipped, and the stickers unsticked, we get a full-on exposè of the Droid 3's innards.
+[* black] Note that there is a screw hidden under a black adhesive strip located in between the battery slot and the sim card slot. There is no need to remove the battery adhesive for this step.