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+[* icon_note] We here at iFixit are very fond of cameras. It is our pleasure to provide our fans with what we believe will be an amazing teardown. Without any further ado, we present the D5100 teardown.
[* black] The first thing we noticed about the D5100 was that the body was not the same heft and size as the D90. It just felt... punier.
-[* black] And then we took some photos with it.
+[* black] And then we took some photos with it...
[* black] To our non-professional-photographer eyes, the photos came out amazing. The colors were crisp, and we could even get away with usable (albeit super-grainy) ISO 6400 shots, which is certainly not the case with the D90's ISO 3200.
+[* icon_reminder] For those who need a brush up on the definition of ISO, [link||click here].