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-[* black] Opening up the iPhone we get our first glance at the Taptic Engine squeezed in below the now smaller battery (1715 mAh compared to the 6's 1810 mAh).
- [* black] It will be interesting to see how battery life on the 6s plays out given that its new features will surely create a bigger draw on the battery.
-[* black] We also note the display now has 3 cables instead of 4 and weighs 60 grams instead of 45. The capacitive sensors that have been integrated into the display backlight have really beefed this display up!
- [* black] You tell us, is [|3D Touch] worth the extra weight?
+[* black] With the display assembly popped up, we can already spot some internal differences between the 6s and its [guide|29213|predecessor|stepid=69237|new_window=true].
+ [* black] First of which is the all-new Taptic Engine hidden beneath the battery.
+ [* black] Apple has also condensed the display assembly connections into three cables, as opposed to the four seen in the iPhone 6.