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-[* black] The faster, flashier new SSD is next to come out. We considered giving this proprietary drive the finger, but in the end we gave it four. We're generous like that.
+[* black] While the bigger badder 13-incher Air got a [guide|38266|faster and flashier SSD|stepid=86819|new_window=true], the 11" model is stuck in 2013 with the same old same old.
+ [* icon_note] Apple decides not to spread the upgrade fun; we get stuck with a geriatric-case 2-year-old SSD. Bring on the extra help to get it up and out of bed.
[* black] With a little poking and prodding, it proceeded to spill the beans—er, chips. In fact, they're very much the [guide|15078|same chips we dipped into|stepid=49169] on the mid-2013 version:
- [* red] 8 x SanDisk 05131 16 GB NAND Flash Memory (128 GB Total)
- [* orange] Marvell 88SS9183 PCIe SSD Controller
- [* yellow] Samsung [|K4B2G1646E|new_window=true] 2 Gb (250 MB) DDR3 SDRAM
+ [* red] 8 x SanDisk 05131 016G 16 GB NAND flash memory (128 GB total)
+ [* orange] Marvell 88SS9183 PCIe SSD controller
+ [* yellow] Samsung [|K4B2G1646E|new_window=true] 2 Gb (256 MB) DDR3 SDRAM