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[* black] With the lens back plate removed, temporarily replace one of the 4 screws which secured it. It will not be possible to drive it fully home; only tighten it until resistance is felt.
[* black] Lift out the three zoom motor gears and put them aside.
[* black] Lift the lens off the bench and using a small flat screwdriver, gently turn the gear teeth which the last zoom motor gear engaged with until the lens is open approximately half way.
[* black] Now feed the two ribbons protruding through a slot in the barrel back into the lens.
[* black] Resting the lens face-down on the bench, retract it to the closed position by turning the gear teeth in the opposite direction.
-[* black] Remove the screw which had been temporarily reinserted.
+[* black] Follow the reverse procedure for reassembly.