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[* black] But wait there's more! Motorola is touting its Turbo Charger, which we're pretty sure has nothing to do with [|any snails]. But there's only one way to find out...
[* black] And that's with a [product|IF145-105|rotary tool]!
-[* black] This AC adapter appears to have several different charging protocols: Standard output, Turbo 1 output and Turbo 2 output.
-[* black] But enough of that. What mysterious ICs are controlling these capacitors?
+[* black] Compatible with Qualcomm's new [|Quick Charge 2.0|new_window=true] tech, the Motorola Turbo Charger lists three different output options: 5 V at 1.6 A, 9 V at 1.6 A, and 12 V at 1.2 A.
+[* black] Any fancy Qualcomm ICs in there, to control which output the device uses and when?