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[* black] Now it's testing time. The key should be placed into the ignition switch and turned to the appropriate position; you should test for continuity between each of the points as outlined in the guide.
[* icon_note] I want to mention that this testing should be performed as thoroughly as possible, since the switch may appear to be fine at first. I got lucky in the sense that the switch immediately failed one of the tests. The best way to test the switch is to plug in the multimeter leads into the 1 and 4 terminals, and then to cycle between "On" and "Start." Eventually the multimeter should read "no continuity" in the "On" position, indicating that the switch is bad.
+[* black] NOTE: I have found the terminals to be exactly as described but in the reverse order from left to right, i.e. 1,5,4,3,2 when going counterclockwise. Perhaps there is a mistake here.