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Follow this guide to replace the display on your Samsung Galaxy S6. The assembly consists of a LCD and digitizer panel. The components are fused and must be replaced together. This procedure is useful for fixing broken glass or unresponsive touchscreens.
This guide instructs you to replace only the display while leaving the original frame, logic board, and battery in place. '''Note''': some replacement screens for this phone come pre-installed in a new frame (a.k.a. chassis), which requires you to transplant all of your phone's internals and install a new battery. This procedure is very different, so make sure you have the correct part before starting this guide.
'''If the frame is damaged or bent''', it's important to replace it, or else the new screen may not mount correctly and can suffer damage from uneven pressure.
This guide involves removing the rear glass. Removing the rear glass destroys the adhesive holding it in place. Follow [|this guide] to reinstall the rear glass.
The process of separating the display from the frame usually destroys the display, so don't follow this guide unless you intend to replace the display.