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We’ve torn down the [guide|138505|mini iPhone|new_window=true] and the [guide|137669|two medium iPhones|new_window=true], but we saved the biggest for last: the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you caught our [|livestream] last week, you got a sneak peek at what it’s packin’—but we wanted more (and our DMs tell us you do, too)! Time to give this full-bodied phone the full teardown treatment.
Speaking of giving: to cap off this epic wave of teardowns, we’re gifting three lucky people a free [product|IF145-474|Minnow Driver Kit|new_window=true]! You’ll have to work for it, though. To put the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera to the ultimate test, we used it to secretly snap two photos in this teardown with the [|Halide camera app]. '''Use thisCan you spot them? Place your bets, and then scroll down to [|formStep 14] to correctly guess which two steps below contain a photo shot on iPhone, and you’ll be entered to winfor the answer.'''
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