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If you (like us) thought three iPhones every fall was too many, we’ve got some ~~2020~~ bad news for you: Apple released ''four'' iPhones this year. We’ve already torn down the [guide|138505|mini one|new_window=true] and the [guide|137669|two medium ones|new_window=true], but we saved the biggest for last: the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you caught our [|livestream] last week, you got a sneak peak at what the 12 Pro Max is packin’—but we wanted more than a sneak peak (and our DMs tell us you do, too)! Time to give this full-bodied phone the full teardown treatment.
Speaking of giving, to round off this tsunami of teardowns we’re giving away a [prize]! You’ll have to work for it though. To put the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera to the ultimate test, we snapped two of the teardown photos in this teardown with the [|Halide camera app]. '''Fill out this [google form?] and tell us which two photos you think were shot on iPhone to enter to win.'''

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