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Use this guide to remove or replace the screen assembly on your Google Pixel 4 XL.
Due to the Pixel’s design, you will have to remove the back panel in order to disconnect the screen connector.
Before you begin this procedure, be sure to have a set of replacement adhesives for both the back panel and the screen.
'''This procedure will almost always destructively remove the Pixel 4 XL’s screen.''' OLEDs cease to work when exposed to oxygen or moisture, and are thus sealed in an airtight encapsulation (this is also why OLED panels turn black underneath a screen crack). It is very difficult to replace the front glass alone— the Pixel’s OLED layers are laminated to the glass, and the screen will come out as one unit.
'''Caution:''' Google warns that disassembly of the front laser assembly could result in hazardous exposure to invisible infrared laser emissions. Read their safety warnings [|here].