• How to Identify which Silvia version you have.

    • Remove Water tank, drip tray and portafilter.

    • Flip the machine upside down.

    • Remove screen screw with flat head screwdriver.

    • Remove the old screen.

    • Remove and soak diffuser in Joe Glo coffee cleaner.

    • On version 3 you will need to remove and soak the brass disc as well.

    • Pry the gasket up with the sharp tip of the awl.

    • Use Joe Glo coffee cleaner and hot water to soak the grouphead for 10-15 minutes.

    • With a wire brush, clean the top of the grouphead.

    • Use a paper towel / regular towel to soak the dirty water from the grouphead.

    • Use the compressed air can to clean any excess water or coffee.

    • Last but not least, use the pick on the top and bottom rails to remove last bits of coffee debris.

    • Take the new gasket and install it with the lettering down.

    • Use a 1/4 inch flat punch to push down the gasket to ensure its nice and flat.

    • Insert the diffuser with the water channels facing down.

    • Place the new screen and insert the screw.

    • Use an 8mm socket wrench to tighten the screw.

    • Congratulations! You fixed the machine!




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