This guide is very easy to complete, because back in the day computers were easier to take apart! Hope you enjoy. The only thing is that I cannot find replacement RAM, so if you can find replacement RAM for this particular machine I will include you in the honorable mentions. A picture of the RAM with the label is on step 1 on the second photo.



  1. Sony Vaio PCG-432L RAM Replacement, Opening up the Notebook: step 1, image 1 of 2 Sony Vaio PCG-432L RAM Replacement, Opening up the Notebook: step 1, image 2 of 2
    • Flip the computer over, and remove all screws circled in picture provided.

    • Set these screws aside for later in a place they will not be lost.

    • Flip the computer over and open the lid. Then take the trackpad/wrist-rest off the computer slightly but not too fast because there is a ribbon cable to disconnect. Once you have disconnected the ribbon cable set aside the assembly

    • Be careful! There is a delicate ribbon cable to detach before fully removing the assembly. Damaging/ripping this cable will render your trackpad useless.

    • Push the two white pieces holding the RAM aside and then push the RAM up.

    • Remove the RAM from the computer and set it aside.

    • Insert your replacement RAM into the slot, then push down gently until the plastic holders click and hold the RAM into place.

    • If the RAM does not go down fairly easily when you put it in, adjust it, don’t keep pushing because that’s an easy way to break your RAM.

    • Re-connect the ribbon cable from the trackpad/wrist-rest, then place the assembly down onto it’s mount and close the computer lid, and then flip it back over.


To reassemble your device, follow step 1 in reverse order.




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