• take out the sim tray

    • unscrew the two pentalobe P2 screws under the phone

    • use a suction cup and a pryer to open the phone(Very Heavy!)

  1. fingerprint cable
    • fingerprint cable

    • screen cable(display only)

    • power cble

    • buttons cable

    • unplug the power cable. it should be attached just by pushing , so just lift it.

    • unplug the screen cable. they are ZIF connectors.

    • you can test the new screen here, just by plugging the new screen cable, then the power cable

    • unplug the button cable, also ZIFs.

    • remove the battery using a hard rubber spatula.(it's got handle like IPhone's, but with china quality)

    • pry from the left bottom side. NEVER from the right side, or you might damage a cable.

    • remove the remaining glue from the battery, and re-tape it inside the white lines with tapes like TESA 2mm.

    • unplug antenna wire running down right side of phone to bottom mainboard.

  2. remove these phillips #0 screws on the upper board(forgot the number and the place, please add) remove the vibration motor cover
    • remove these phillips #0 screws on the upper board(forgot the number and the place, please add)

    • remove the vibration motor cover

    • remove the upper motherboard

  3. remove the phillips #0 screw from the lower casing
    • remove the phillips #0 screw from the lower casing

    • they're black, so easy to recognize

    • unplug all connectors(need photo)

    • use a hair dryer to heat the lower board(it's got glue)

    • be careful not to use force, the board is very fragile. If you feel hard to remove, heat it again.

    • Heat the borders of your screen to loosen the glue.

    • use a suction cup to open it.

    • the cables from the screen should all be detached at this moment

    • remove all the remaining glue from the plastic bracket (I mean all)

    • use tapes like TESA 2mm to re-glue the bracket.

    • you'll need to glue all the borders, but not around cameras, speakers, and proximity sensors.

    • Check the video I've linked to see where to glue.

    • reverse the steps and you should be good to go!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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Where's the video? I can't find it on this page.

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Redmi Note 4 lcd Jumper ways


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Where can I find the replacement screen for this model??

The screen I ordered have the connectors the wrong place and I can't find any replacement screen with BOTH wires on the bottom …

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you could buy a new screen in taobao

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