Link of how to replace charging port of OnePlus 3 here:

Your OnePlus 3 USB board got problem with charging, data syncing or any other problems? Got problem of the port is broken?If your OnePlus 3 stopped charging or charging intermittently?It might be annoyed at connecting your USB but without response or can’t transfer the data, right?

Wanna know how to fix OnePlus 3 not charging problem? You have to replace this not working USB port. This repair guide would tell you how to repair the non-working USB port of OnePlus 3. DIY to make your OnePlus 3 charging port work again.

We will upload other repair guide of OnePlus 3 as soon as possible. Tell us which part of OnePlus 3 you want to repair at comment section.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.




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I broke 5 spudgers getting the screen to separate from the back because dirt had built up around the edge this is also the reason the usb port died. consider buying extra spudgers when doing your repair.

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consider keeping your phone clean.

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Is the same charging port used on the 3T?

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I successfully followed this guide, to replace the charging port on an UK 3T phone (it seems like the same part, I bought it on ebay).

The hardest part was getting the first spudger into the phone case, which took me at least 20 minutes (first time trying this). As noted make sure you have spares.

I had a little trouble reconnecting the lower round gold power connector as the cable had shifted a bit during taking out the component it connects to and it was very sensitive to position to go in right.

Having the high quality driver set from ifixit made a huge difference as I’d have spent ages fiddling if the driver was not magnetized for lifting the tiny screws in and out.

Steve -

Perfect ! +-20 min. just be sure to check the rubber of the charging port and aux cable are in the right position before placing the cover back

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