Disassembling a tablet often requires some gentle prying of the frame. Be sure to exercise care during these first few steps(disassembling), and do not lose your screws! The Paperwhite is a sturdy tablet that can be broken down into just a few components. This guide will show you how to replace a faulty screen.

  1. Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Generation Screen Replacement, Screen: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Insert plastic opening tool into the corners of the Paperwhite and slide around the edge perimeter to remove bezel.

    • Be sure to begin prying along the edges, these are the optimal points for removing the bezel.

  2. Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Generation Screen Replacement: step 2, image 1 of 2 Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Generation Screen Replacement: step 2, image 2 of 2
    • Remove the eleven 3.2 mm Phillips 000 screws from corners of mid-frame and from behind the black strip as shown.

    • Do not forget the screw in the middle of the black adhesive strip.

  3. Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Generation Screen Replacement: step 3, image 1 of 1
    • Carefully lift and remove the mid-frame.

  4. Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Generation Screen Replacement: step 4, image 1 of 1
    • The screen itself is glued to the mid-frame. If your replacement screen does not include the mid-frame, heat the screen with an iOpener and gently pry it from the mid-frame with a blue plastic opening tool.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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My opening tool is orange. Will this still work for me?

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I’m hoping to replace my screen with this part:

Kindle Paperwhite (2nd Gen) Display

Does this part include the mid-frame? I would like to avoid using the iOpener if possible.

Thank you!

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