• This tutorial help you to restore your Galaxy smartphone back to the proper order. If you have any further quetions post them in the comments.

    The phn n video isn't even the same…

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    Hello bro, thanks for this question! As you’ve noticed this is not the same phone, but this guide will work with ALL Galaxy phones from 2016. Best luck in the repair!

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    Where is the link to download the frp bypass tool?

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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We Offer FRP Removal Service $30, 5-10 Min Service, All Samsung Devices Supported

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Thank you, this was really helpful.

Bypass FRP on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge frpbypassapkpro

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I thing that this info can help you to understand about unlock services, I thing that it’s for free

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i got a samsung glalxy s6 can anyone help my get past the frp i got the phone from a friend and they dont remember the google account they used on the phone i been haveing a hard time to get past it

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nice post you wrote about bypass google account for Samsung Galaxy S6 really i needed this post thanks admin shearing with us

i need FRP Bypass APK

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Samsung Galaxy j6 FRP BYPASS HOW

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I've tried a ton of methods to unlock my galaxy s9 but none seem to work. I got pretty close with the otg cable and apk method but the phone wouldn't unlock. I eventually just settled for using it cost me a bit of money, but it was definitely worth it.

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I Nedd someone to bypass my s6 edge plus

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Omg I'm so lost I just need help understanding or executing bypass. Everyone has a different method or steps and I'm drowning in tech garble. I just want to use the niiiiice Samsung my mom just mailed me instead of this “Walmart att prepay cheapest place phone money can buy” that has NO storage, CIs completely riddeled with viruses. Takes ten mins to open a %#*@ app, any app!!! NOT EXAGGERATING!! Ten mins. FML please some one take mercy on me! Pleeese help me! :”Q

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