• Unlike letter and number keys, some "special keys" have 2 sets of metal clips. Plus, a stabilizer holder on both sides.

    • If you notice that one of the metal clips or stabilizer holders is bent, carefully use your tweezers to bend back into an upright position.

  1. Check the plastic brackets for damage in these areas.
    • Check the plastic brackets for damage in these areas.

  2. Check the 8 main points of the key on the inside of the key for damage.
    • Check the 8 main points of the key on the inside of the key for damage.

    • Check to make sure the stabilizer (bar) is present and the 3 clips that secure it to the key are not damaged.

    • Any damage in these areas will not allow the key to stay connected to the plastic bracket which sits underneath the key.

    • While using tweezers, remove just the actual key (top layer only) . You want to try and remove the key without also removing the plastic bracket that sits right underneath the key.

    • Try to slightly pick at the corner of the key. This helps remove the key separately from the plastic bracket.

    • Don't forget that these "special keys" have a stabilizer (bar) underneath the key.

    • With tweezers, carefully start picking near the four corners where the 4 metal clips are securing the plastic bracket. Remember these special keys have 2 plastic brackets to remove.

    • Line up the 2 outer corners and the bottom inner corners of the plastic bracket with the 4 metal clips connected to the palmrest.

    • Repeat this step as there are 2 plastic brackets for both shift keys, spacebar, and Alt key (left of spacebar).

    • First line up the stabilizer ends with the stabilizer holders and slide each end through the stabilizer holders connected to the palmrest.

    • Place the key on top of the plastic bracket and press down. If both plastic brackets are on correctly and securely, the key should easily snap into place.

    • Check if the key is secure by tapping around all sides of the key. This is a good test to make sure the metal clips are properly securing the plastic bracket, the stabilizer, and making sure that the plastic bracket can hold the key correctly.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.




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Where is spacebar replacment guid? Please me keyboard hurnt

Carl Schiefer - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0

I do not have a separate spacebar guide but it is repaired just like all the other “special keys” as you see in this guide. The only difference is that it has 2 metal bars located under the key.

Jon - crwdns2853112:0crwdne2853112:0



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