iPod Touch 4, iPhone 3G/S, iPad 2/3 Adhesive. Not sticking properly.

I have owned my own iDevice repair business now for 2 years and one thing I have not been happy with is the reliability of the 3M adhesive that typically comes with any glass repair.

One thing I strive to do is make sure I am returning the product to the customer as if Apple them selves just did the repair, but with a cheaper cost and faster time.

Something I have noticed lately is that the iPod touch 4 glass doesn't come off super easy even with some heat. Once the glass if off and all the glass shards are cleared out and dusted I always install new 3M adhesive. On occasion that something goes defective with the part, and the customer comes back I always notice that it comes apart SUPER easy even with out heat, and is much more dusty inside then it should.

I always worry about doing repairs for customers and the screen falling off and then getting a bad name or reputation.

And now for my question:

A. Is the 3M adhesive the same, OEM adhesive that apple uses?(if yes what am I doing wrong since it's not holding like it should)

B. If 3M is not OEM. Where can I buy OEM adhesive whether it is pre-cut to fit, or manually has to be cut?

I have also had this problem with the 3G/3GS series and Pad 2 on occasion.

Thanks for any information!

P.S. Sorry for the long comment.

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hi i believe the 3m tape is not OEM what i have used and seems to work great for ipod touch 4 is liquid based adhesive with a very small amount of super glue in the corners. then proceed to heat it gently place upside down with some weight on the ipod or holding clips and leave to dry works a charm...


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Hey Gabe! Owning my own repair business I feel the exact same way. When I do a job, I want it done right the first time and I don't want anything just "popping" up because the tape isn't holding. I too am not too happy with the 3M adhesive that comes with most of the replacement parts. I too like the adhesive that Apple uses and wish that I could get some myself! Unfortunately that is nearly impossible. I recommend heading to and use the premium rolls instead. This stuff does hold better than the 3M tape, but have yet to pull apart a device that has been put back together with this tape. I'm hoping that all is going well for you in your repair business!


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