Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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SKU: EU162035-1 suggested by this website, but is 2011, will it work?

after spending quite w while going thro this website looking for the right battery to replace the one on my mid-2010 17”MacBookPro (A1297, 2352) i found SKU: EU162035-1, but it says that it is for a 2011 MBP, will it work on my mid-2010?

Update (10/10/2021)

so the question now is, does iFixit have a battery for the (mid-2010) 17” MacBookPro, or many parts at all? i got quite confused trying the search system a number of times and getting different realists each time ??? at one point it looked as tho the only thing that iFixit stocked for this laptop was the screws for the bottom plate … is this a really difficult model to buy spares for?

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@aaaashy it appears as if iFixit doesn't have a battery for your device. Even in the guides created by iFixit , the link for the battery goes to Amazon. Best of course would be to contact iFixit directly


thank you for pointing me towards Amazon, i might have got there eventually, but even there there is NO battery for the 17" laptop, those that are mentioned are out of stock .. it is beginning to look like parts for this particular laptop are VERY RARE indeed :( ... and that link to iFixit seems to go to a page where they say they really do not want to get involved in conversations like more, which is probably why they direct everyone to this Forum ... tho i still wonder why they do not have a tool like Crucial have, which allows a downloaded app to identify your own Mac and then tell what parts are available for it ... probably too mcc work, but it is a superb way of selling their SSDs and RAM (it is a shame they do not sell batteries as well), thank you very much oldturkey003 :)


@aaaashy you are welcome and best of luck to you. Hope it'll work out


just as an addendum - i contact ted iFixit help, and had it confirmed that they actually have no parts whatsoever for the 17" MBP, which does suggest that there is a real dearth of parts for this particular model ... which is a real shame





@aaaashy it does not. The battery for your MBP should be Apple part number 661-5535 and that will fit the Early 2009,Mid 2009 and Mid-2010 only.


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thank you for that very definite answer




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