Released September 2013, the Visual Land Prestige Pro 7D model number ME-7D-8GB is an affordable and sturdy tablet designed for kids.

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Why can't I hook to my network provider?

I have tried repeatedly to get my network running on my Tablet, and I keep getting this notice that tells me the strength is too poor. However, my internet provider tells me that the service is good and it is on my Device. Well, I have seven devices of the same Prestige Pro 7D saying the same thing every time. How do I get my Device to accept my internet network?

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Do you get the same error if you place the tablet next to the router?


Andrew S : Yes I get the same results no matter where I try to connect the internet provider


@Patrick Olson

Can you connect other devices OK e.g. mobile phone, laptop computer etc, to your 2.4GHz WiFi network?

What is the make and model number of your WiFi router or internet cable modem (if it has WiFi capability)?




Speedtest by Ookla is free at the Google Play Store, and can provide a detailed analysis of your WiFi.

If the app shows poor results, then try unplugging/re-plugging all the cables and power cords to your router. Then try again.

However, if the tablets get a poor signal on other WiFi networks as well, the problem may be the tablets. Confirm that all the latest software updates are installed in them.

This is just my opinion, but your ISP will most likely not tell you that their own service is poor, so I would take their word with a grain of salt.


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