The Krups Espresso Mini is a steam powered espresso machine made for household use.

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How do I fix my coffee pot? put water in, it won't come out in pot?

Device not present in your list - I have Type 867 Krups Cafe coffee and espresso maker. 22yrs old! the espresso works fine. When i put water in the pot, it just wont work when i turn it on, water stays in reservoir, bottom where pot sits never heats up either. I really want to keep and not replace!! Please help!

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@needscaffiene since “water stays in reservoir, bottom where pot sits never heats up either” I’d be looking at the heating element for the coffee maker (not the boiler for the espresso) as well as the fuses and thermostat for the coffeemaker. Since it does not heat the water nor heats the warming plate the issue here seems to be a power issue to the heater. You’ll have to try and disassemble the Krups and check things out. It will always help if you can post some pictures of what you find while you do the disassembly. We might get a more concrete idea once we see what things are looking at.

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maybe theres a coffee seasoning stuck on ur coffee machine been not out the water thats why the coffee seasoning it will not out on ur coffee machine grabs some towel and clean the coffee seasoning on your coffee machine and add some coffee and put water in it will be works!


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