Microwave stopped working timer works but doesn't heat.

My GE microwave/ convection over wont heat up. If you start it the timer will count down but the turn table won’t move, and the system doesn’t heat up. I have already tried replacing the magnetron, and the HV cap and Diode (per a professionals suggestion) and it still dosen’t work. Any suggestions or just bite the bullet and get a new one? It’s only 6 years old.

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Hi @ehodeck1 ,

What is the model number of the microwave?

Have you checked the door interlock switches to make sure that they're all operatingOK?

Usually there are 2 x N.O. (normally open) and 1 x N.C. (normally closed) when the door is open.

They are a safety feature that monitors and connects power to the HV circuit (and possibly the motor circuit - depends on how the motor circuit is wired), so maybe that's why there is no heat. i.e. when a door is opened the microwave is turned off to prevent harmful radiation escaping from the oven.


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Hi Jayeff,

I did ohm the switches out and they are working correctly. It is a PEB9159SF1SS. It is a convection / micro combo. Neither is working at the moment. I forgot to mention it had been tripping the breaker randomly for about 6 mos before it quit. Not often but maybe once every 2 weeks or so. My hunch is either the transformer of the PCBA I'm hesitant to buy one as each is rather pricey. Thanks!



Here's a link that describes how to test all the functions of a microwave so that hopefully you can determine what the problem is. (scroll to top of page to see all the tests)

The microwave's mini manual part number is GE 31-41074.

Usually these manuals have the schematics which will help to find the problem. I couldn't find a free download online but found this site but you have to join to download it. (scroll down to the download link in the post by Lighthouse)




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