Replaced Charger Board and Battery (twice); CUH-ZCT1 won't charge

Hi there,

i have bought a Playstation 4 a while ago with a DS4 Controller. Unfortunatly the Controller is in very bad condition. It was terribly dirty, the battery was bad and the X-Button was worn out. So i have replaced the conducitve rubber and the battery with a working (but used) one.

The Battery seems charging but does not last very long so i thought maybe the charging port is damaged. The USB-Connector felt worn out too. Well, i have replaced the Charging Board with a new one but the battery does not last just about an hour. I thought the battery is maybe dead too. After this failed repairs i got demotivated and decided to put him away for later.

Well, it is about 2 years and i ordered last week the new battery from patona. it arrived yesterday and i replaced it. first, it seems to work fine and i plugged in for charging to the ps4 in the front. i played some God of War while the DS4 was wired to the ps4. Back in the Menu the charging symbol is missing so i plugged out and back in the chord. The controller turned immediatly off. I have tried the chord with my second controller (CUH-ZCT2) and it started charging well. Back plugged in the ps4 shows the battery status with a question mark. %#*@ i got frustrated.

Well now the Controller is blinking white for a short time (Battery dead or not charging) when i try to turn it on. It will work with usb but it won’t charge.

I decided to plug it in to my wallsocket adapter over night but it haven’t charged.

What in the world of sony… can it be? I was shure the battery i replaced first wasn’t this bad and i replaced the charger port with the ribbon cable. I am not inexperienced and doing console repairs by myself for a while but this %#*@ controller is driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance

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