Speaker sounds exactly like a blown out one on MBP 16" but... it's not

The right speaker on my relatively new Macbook Pro 16" 2019 Model sounds like it's blown out - the same exact rattling - it rattles on medium+ volume and things with bass in it - it is very disruptive. It's fairly new (less than a year old) and the strange thing is earlier I've had the same exact issue before on multiple occasions but I just blew in my speakers, shook it a little bit, cleaned it up and it stopped... But this time it won't stop the whole day. I think there is some little rock thingy or just some particle stuck in there but is that even possible?? How do I fix it since i got this machine from the US and I live in a country with no apple stores? Should I just do a full speaker replacement?? How did I actually manage to fix it on the earlier occasions?

Note: I very rarely play full volume and I do it just for a couple seconds at most. I do use the speakers frequently tho, but is it normal for the speaker to blow up this early?? I've only heard about it happening on like 5+ years old machines.

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