Why can't my computer repair person find a replacement power port?

I have a Lenovo ideapad 500s with a damaged power port. The person who repairs my computer says they are no longer available. Have you got a solution? I’ve changed the power cable and that’s fine but I have to wiggle it to get it to connect and one day I fear wiggling will not be enough.

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Hi @thaliac ,

To ensure that you get the correct part, what is the full model number of the laptop, as there are two Ideapad 500s models which use different parts for the charge port?

According to p.71 Miscellaneous Parts > Item #c the part number for the DC-In cable for an Ideapad 500s 13ISK is 5C10J30918

According to p.79 Item #9 the part number for the DC-In cable for an Ideapad 500s 14ISK is 5C10H71415

There is also an Ideapad 500 15ISK (just in case this is your model) where on p.101 Item #g there are 2 DC-In cables shown, depending again on which particular model you have i). DC-IN Cable C Z51-70 DIS 5C10J23750 and ii). DC-IN Cable C Z51-70 UMA 5C10J23774.

Once you have determined which exact model you have, (look at the information label under the laptop) if you search online by using the part number only, appropriate to your particular model, you will get results for suppliers of the correct part.

The hardware maintenance manuals that I linked for each of the laptops, also details the necessary pre-requiste steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the DC-In cable so that you should be able to do this yourself.


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Heres one, New Laptop AC DC Power Jack plug in Charging port Socket Connector with wire Cable Harness For LENOVO Ideapad 500-15ACZ 500-15Isk ZIVY2 DC30100UN00, DC30100UR00, DC30100UROO, DC30100T600, DC30100UUN00


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