Repair guides and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy A51 Android smartphone. Released in January of 2020.

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Which replacement parts do I purchase?

I need a replacement LCD and digitizer. After searching the internet high and low, I can't find parts listing my specific model number as compatible. I'm unsure if buying a visually similar product would be detrimental to the quality of my display if it's even compatible whatsoever.

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In most cases with samsung devices, you do want to make sure the parts are compatible with your model number but in the case of the display you should be fine. The only time I’ve seen it matter is with the rear cameras, charge ports, and antennas. You can order screens from Mobile Sentrix. Just be aware that when you change the screen in the A51 and A71, the phone will disable the fingerprint sensor for “security purposes” according to Samsung. It will notify you but the phone should still work just fine.


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I just had a live chat with Samsung support. They say the fingerprint sensor will NOT be disabled. Just the 3 fingerprint registered will be deleted. New fingerprints can be set straight away. Is that what you meant?


@prp1 they must've patched it then or I might've gotten the models mixed up. back in I think November there was an update pushed to certain models that disabled the fingerprint sensor if the screen was changed.




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