Controller won't turn on after disassembly

So yesterday i changed the rubber buttons for my ds4 (v1, so it's pretty old) and after getting everything back together almost correctly i noticed that the controller wouldn't work. I quickly reopened it and i noticed that the cable connecting the battery wasn't plugged all the way in: still, after fixing that minor issue, it wouldn't turn on.

Generally when handling this kind of stuff i'm always as gentle as possible, but something must've gone bad this time. For now i'm sure that the issue must be related at least with the 14 pin ribbon cable, being all bended from the previous owner: but even so, the controller would at least turn on, because the battery was at full charge before disassembly.

So i even tried connecting it through bluetooth to my laptop (without the ribbon cable), but it wouldn't show up as a bt device. Any ideas on what could've gone wrong? Maybe the battery and the ribbon cable died so i need to replace both?

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